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16/01/2017 6:21 pm  

 First off, big thanks for the video content and especially the new videos.

Dale & others, what do you all recommend for a newcomer to get into IT security?

I.E.: Paths you've all taken. Paths you would recommend. Resources etc.

 Currently using as much as I can get my hands on, from Cybrary to books, but can't seem to progress out of this rookie feeling...

Look forward to hear your insights. Thanks again ! 

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19/01/2017 4:31 pm  

Hi there 🙂 

So I started off pretty young. Always massively obsessed with computers. Started off with Web Design, which then lead into system administration. From there I got in trouble at school for hacking after reading stuff online and from there I went through college (which is when I started YouTube) and now I'm at University (Studying Ethical Hacking and Network Security). Last year I did an internship at a pentesting company which definitely taught me a lot of stuff. 

In terms of getting out of the rookie feeling I just suggest trying a lot of stuff. Everything is going to make you better at IT security. Running your own servers, programming etc. It all will give you an ability to spot weaknesses. 

If there's any specific questions feel free to shoot them here 🙂


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05/04/2017 4:41 pm  

I totally agree with Dem, I myself am just now going through college for cyber security and so far have learned quite a few new things I didn't know before so that's always a plus, far as feeling like a rookie still, you'll eventually get past that I got past it mostly by the fact I'm a hands on learner, books are great but you can only get so much information from a book and your brain only retains so much from reading if you start doing some of the stuff you'll develop that brain retention faster and before you know it you'll be doing things second nature, so just keep at it and start using the information you have by DOING!! 



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